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How We Started

Rottingdean Arts was an initiative of Dr. Roy Wales and was formed early in 2011 with Dr. Roy Wales as Chairman and Artistic Director. Its foundation arose out of a specific interest of Roy Wales in creating and developing a new performing arts stage on the Rottingdean Terraces which would hold summer concerts and arts

Rottingdean Arts in 2023

ROTTINGDEAN ARTS was formed in 2011 by local resident DR ROY WALES and has presented an annual programme of arts events in the village, including on the Terraces Stage on the seafront, assisted by his wife, Christine who has been administrator, and a committee of dedicated people. This has all been on a voluntary basis.

Rottingdean Terraces

Rottingdean Terraces occupy a prominent position in the village between the White Horse Hotel and the seafront. Created in the mid-1930s, the Terraces structure has remained virtually unchanged since that time. However, in 2010, Brighton and Hove City Council, who are responsible for the site, decided to resurface the uneven and overgrown main Terraces concourse.