Main Aims

  • To develop and promote the performing arts (music, drama, dance) in various venues in the village of Rottingdean by presenting an annual programme of performing arts events including a Spring Music Festival in March.
  • To be involved with the new performing arts stage on the Terraces on Rottingdean seafront in association with Brighton and Hove City Council and Rottingdean Parish Council.


  • To continue to raise money to establish and equip the performance stage on the Rottingdean Terraces.
  • To raise money to present arts events on an annual basis in Rottingdean in various venues in Rottingdean, including the Terraces Stage.
  • To promote performances by professionals when possible as well as by some local amateur performers.
  • To encourage and facilitate performances by young musicians and organisations involving young people in the performing arts and arrange workshops and other educational activities in the performing arts.
  • To be involved in Rottingdean performing arts festivals. including a Spring Music Festival in March and a Jazz Festival in August.

Management of Rottingdean Arts

  • The organisation will be managed by a small executive board consisting of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Administrator, Friends and Patrons Secretary, Treasurer and others.
  • The management committee will have the power to co-opt other members to the board as associate members.
  • The management committee will also have the power to appoint advisers in specialist areas relating to the operation of Rottingdean Arts.